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Skirt-wearing schoolboy claims victory after school's uniform U-turn during heatwave

A teenage boy who decided to wear a skirt to class in protest about not being allowed to wear shorts has claimed a victory after the school changed its uniform policy.

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Oliver Heaton playing football in his school skirt

Oliver Heaton, 13, turned up to St Martins School in Oswestry in a skirt earlier this month when boys were told they could not wear shorts in school during the heatwave.

The Year 8 pupil said the policy that allowed girls to wear skirts but doesn't allow boys to wear shorts was "unfair".

He decided to make a stand after some of his friends were given detention for turning up in shorts.

Now the school has updated its code to allow boys to wear shorts.

The uniform change was announced in a newsletter by the school on Friday, and headteacher Sue Lovecy said the changes were made "following some very eloquent and informed letters from students".

However, Oliver, who has worn shorts to school every day this week, despite the fact it has been raining, has claimed the u-turn as a victory.

Oliver in his shorts this week
Oliver Heaton playing football in his school skirt

Mum, Sophie Heaton, who brought Oliver a pair of shorts from the supermarket as soon as the uniform change was announced, said her son was taking the school's U-turn as a "win".

She said: "He's gone to school again today wearing shorts, even though it is raining. He wore them yesterday too and I think he'll be wearing them every day now they have changed the policy.

"He is really pleased and all his friends are really pleased. I don't think the school want to acknowledge it was Oliver that brought about the change but he is taking it as a win."

St Martins School has been contacted for comment.