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Mum and son stranded in Bulgaria after 12-year-old suffers seizure in e-scooter accident

A mother has been left stranded in Bulgaria with her eldest son after he was badly injured in an e-scooter accident.

Mum Thea with her eldest son, Kion, Rylan, 11 and Aaliya, 6. Picture: Thea Williams

The single mum has spoken of her "nightmare" after her son, Kion, aged 12, fell off an e-scooter and fractured his skull.

Thea Williams, from Wrexham, and her children Kion, Rylan, 11, and Aaliyah, 6, had travelled to a beach holiday resort in Bulgaria where the accident happened.

Thea kisses Kion as he lies in a hospital bed. Picture: Thea Williams

Thea said the injury also caused Kion to have a seizure and "swallow his tongue" – where the muscle blocks the airway.

Kion was said to have been rushed to hospital on blue lights where doctors found him to have a fractured skull, bleed on his brain, and fluid behind his nose.

A GoFundMe page created by a friend of the family one week ago has now reached £2,745 of the £3,000 target.

Thea wrote: "I can't believe this is happening, Kion came off the scooter and has hit his head that hard he's had a seizure and swallowed his tongue.

"I can't cope. He was blue lighted to hospital. It doesn't look like I'll be coming home any time soon, my head's absolutely messed, I just hope there's no long term damage.

"Just to let everyone know, Kion's fractured his skull and got a fluid behind his nose which doctors think is a bleed.

Mum Thea with her eldest son, Kion, Rylan, 11 and Aaliya, 6. Picture: Thea Williams

"They're not sure of any more bleeds yet – they said it might not happen straight away, the bleed always comes after.

"He's going to intensive care where no kids are allowed and I’m not allowed to stay with him either. I've never been so scared and stressed in all my life.

"I'm not back for another week at least cause doctors need to scan him again, then I've got no money, no nothing.

"They want to charge us £200 a night to stay in the hospital room. I really can't cope, I wish this was all a dream.

"My baby boy. I love you Kion, please be strong, Mums got you."

Mum Thea with her eldest son, Kion, Rylan, 11 and Aaliya, 6. Picture: Thea Williams

An update was shared on the Facebook page Wrexham Town Matters which said Kion is 'more alert' but upset to not be able to come home – he is expected to be kept in hospital for a month, and then have to be transported from Bulgaria to the UK by ambulance.

A friend of Thea's has taken in Kion's brother and sister as their mother stays in Bulgaria with Kion.

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