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Please don't visit Wales during pandemic, says First Minister

Wales' First Minister Mark Drakeford urges people to stay away from the country amid the coronavirus crisis.

Mark Drakeford

Normally at this time of year people will be planning day trips and visits, and Wales is a popular destination.

But we are living in an unprecedented time and at the moment we cannot visit each other.

The stay-at-home coronavirus rules are still firmly in place in Wales. While there has been some easing of travel in England, the situation is different in Wales.

Travelling to Wales for leisure is not allowed. If you travel into Wales for leisure, you risk being stopped by the police and turned around. You could be fined.

Our strict stay-at-home rules are in place to protect us all from coronavirus.

The Welsh Government makes the rules in Wales. We have looked very carefully about whether we could relax the coronavirus regulations – thanks to the efforts of everyone in Wales, we are seeing some signs that the spread of the virus is slowing but not enough to lift these restrictions.

We have been able to make some very small changes – we’ve lifted the once-a-day restriction on exercise in Wales, as long as people stay local.

Wales’ attractions, campsites, walking routes and beauty spots, such as Snowdon, are closed.

I would urge anyone thinking of travelling to Wales not to. Please stay home – come to Wales later, when the pandemic is over.

I look forward to being able to welcome you all back to Wales in the future. For now please don’t travel.

Wales’ wonderful attractions will still be here when this is over, and we’ll all be able to enjoy them safely.

Find out more about the regulations in Wales here: