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Shanaya harnesses the healing power of sage and crystals

Aromatic sage has a rich history when it comes to medicine for the body and the mind.

Shanaya Evans who runs spirituality and wellness business Th3rd Brand

It's long been used by some indigenous tribes as part of their spiritual practices, while Ancient Romans and Greeks drew on it help with everything from digestion issues to sharpening the memory and boosting the immune system.

Today, many people choose to burn sage to cleanse the air of harmful bacteria or any negative energies that might be in the space and to promote relaxation.

There have also been studies that have suggested it can help with focus and combating daily stress and frustrations.

Shanaya Evans, from Wolverhampton, turned to the herb to help her cope with grief and stress during the Covid lockdown.

"We were all stuck at home, we couldn't go out or see our friends, we couldn't do the things we would normally do," she says.

"During lockdown I also lost someone very close to me. I had never really lost someone close to me before and I didn't know how to deal with it, especially when I couldn't do the things I would normally do like see my friends.

"I started using sage, crystals and sound healing and found it really helped me as a healthy outlet for stress and it brought me peace."

Shanaya has experienced the benefits of sage, crystals and sound healing

Shanaya, who works in retail, will burn sage in each corner of the room while repeating positive affirmations as part of her regular meditation practice.

To clear her mind before meditating, she uses singing bowls to help her to relax.

Singing bowls usually have different frequencies that are aligned to one of the chakras in the human body.