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Telford community theatre gives back with new lifesaving defibrillator

A pint-sized playhouse has installed a piece of lifesaving piece of equipment to pay thanks to a supportive community.

Community First Responder Ben Steventon and theatre caretaker Ian Clark with the new emergency defibrillator

The Little Theatre in Donnington, Telford, has installed a defibrillator on the outside of the compact coliseum.

The committee at the theatre dedicated some of their funds to purchasing the piece of lifesaving equipment, to say thanks to the community that supports it.

Located next to the busy Broadoaks Playing Fields, the team at the theatre were concerned about the distance from the pitches to what was the nearest defibrillator - around half a mile up a hill, at the Parade.

Stage manager Vicki Stevens explained: "The nearest defibrillator is a fair whack of a run to get it. If someone has a problem, it could be serious.

"We wanted to give back to the community, they're the people who support us and come see our shows so it's good to be able to give something back."

Donnington Councillor Jay Gough sang the praises of the theatre and its committee.

He said: "Having the defibrillator down there is going to make things a lot easier, should the worst happen.

"It's a wonderful theatre, and they do a lot of good. It's great that they want to give back to the community."

On Saturday, March 25, the theatre will be hosting training sessions, for people hoping to become more familiar with the equipment.

Free drop-in sessions are available between 9.30am and 3pm at the theatre, off Wellington Road.