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Whitchurch prostate testing event sets a new Rotary record

Nearly 600 men gathered for one of the largest single community events in the history of a town's Rotary Club.

Whitchurch Mayor Andy Hall takes his PSA test at Rotary’s prostate screening evening

Whitchurch Rotary members have announced its recent prostate testing event has made history by being one of the largest on record.

A total of 586 men aged over 45 had potentially life-saving PSA tests to detect prostate cancer –the highest number since the project began seven years ago.

Steve Chrisholm, president of Whitchurch Rotary Club said: “The men who turned up for testing probably made one of the most important decisions of their life.

“A total of more than 2,000 tests have now been administered and this year’s attendance set a new record.

"The teamwork involved, from the car park crew right through to the exit door, was an impressive show of organisation and I’m proud of every helper who gave their time.”

A team of 39 – including professional NHS phlebotomists, Rotary and Inner Wheel members, and supporters – ran the three-hour screening session.

Blood samples were taken for analysis in a bid to catch early symptoms of prostate cancer, which kills more than 12,000 men every year – one death every 45 minutes.

Catching the disease early has saved dozens of lives in the Whitchurch area alone since the Rotary initiative was launched by organiser Dave Simcock.

The tests are done free of charge, with the costs covered by the Rotary Club from fundraising projects and public donations, including £2,000 from Whitchurch Council.

Town mayor Andy Hall was among the first to be tested.

Results are strictly confidential and will be forwarded directly to individuals.

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