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Skydiving pair battle fear of heights to honour friend who died of cancer

Two friends have taken on a charity skydive in honour of a mum-of-three whose last wish was to send her daughters to Lapland.

Alice and Sophie

Emily Roberts, from Shrewsbury, died in February this year aged 30, after a two-year battle with breast cancer.

She is survived by her fiancé Jason, as well as her three daughters; Isla, 10, Edie, six, and Anni, who is three years old.

Emily Roberts and her little ladies

Now, two of Emily's friends – Alice Nester and Sophie Leefe – have taken on the challenge at Tilstock Airfield in Whitchurch, supported by Emily's mum.

Alice and Sophie

Alice said: "The skydive went really well, it was so emotional seeing Em's family there, it meant so much to everyone.

"I’m petrified of heights. When we were up in the clouds I didn’t think I could do it, I had to hold Sophie’s hand and then I just thought of Emily. Then the instructor just jumped, it takes your breath away completely.

"As soon as we had finished the free fall and the parachute was up I felt loads better. The views were amazing and Emily definitely made the sun shine for us.

Alice and Sophie with Emily's mum
Emily's parents and grandparents with Alice and Sophie

"So glad we did it for her, even though she should of been doing it with us, she was definitely there today in spirit.

"I miss her dearly, she would be so happy that we are still doing things she wanted and living our lives as much as possible.

"If we can raise more money from this skydive I’ll be so happy so it can help Emily’s three gorgeous girls, Isla, Annie and Edie."

Sophie added that the skydive was the scariest thing they had every done, but that it was worth it for their friend Emily.

On June 4, Emily's friends and family will also come together to hold 'Emfest' at the Brooklands pub in Meole Brace, Shrewsbury.

The event will be a crafts fair in honour of Emily, who had a love for arts and crafts herself, and will raise money to send Emily's daughters to Lapland.

To make a donation to Alice and Sophie's Just Giving and help fulfil Emily's wish, visit

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