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Shropshire Star readers' anger at bulk-buying due to coronavirus fears

Shropshire Star readers have responded angrily to the bulk buying craze after supermarket shelves were stripped bare over coronavirus fears.

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Tesco Wrekin Retail Park, Telford

Residents and shoppers have expressed their anger and frustration at the lack of toilet paper, hand sanitiser, kitchen roll and dry goods such as pasta, available in stores.

A few people called for a strict cap on buying, while others said it was pure selfishness.

They were responding online to our story about the ‘crazy’ bulk buying of essentials.

Sue Bradley said: "It's getting really stupid now, there needs to be a cap put on it now."

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Sarah Wainwright said it was frustrating because she has a large family to buy for anyway.

"It's frustrating as I have a large family and had to go to three different shops to get almost everything I needed," she said.

"Not to mention the judgmental look I got."


Emma Louise Jones commented: "Just went to my local Morrison's. No bread, flour, no pasta, limited loo roll which will go in the next hour, no hand soaps, no paracetamol, it is ridiculous."

Annette Burgoyne said she was worried about her elderly mother.

She said: "I also look after my 84 year-old mother, and I am worrying that when I go shopping next I am not going to find some of the products that I need to look after her, like wipes and antibacterial hand wash and so on.

"It is like Christmas when people buy enough food to last weeks when the shops only close for a day."

David Murphy also expressed his concern over ill friends and family.

"There are some horribly selfish people out there," he said.

"People showing no signs or symptoms perfectly healthy and no reason to think they have it. My partner's dad is going through chemotherapy at the moment and, as a result, basically has no immune system yet they can't get hold of hand sanitiser from anywhere which is putting him at risk."

Tracey Henrick commented on the lack of Calpol and certain medicines available in stores.

"I just love how nobody actually admits to doing it... so who's buying it all. My granddaughter has been poorly and couldn't get another bottle of Calpol when we ran out," she said.

Wend Humphreys said: "It is ridiculous, some of us are on a very small budget so can't bulk buy. I tend to buy when I need something. People are extremely selfish, there's no need for it."