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Ludlow Bed Push drag nurses row: Shropshire health bosses SHOULD accept £2,500 charity cash say 96% of Star readers

Health bosses in Shropshire should accept the £2,500 donation raised by men dressed as female nurses - that is the overwhelming response from Star readers.

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Fundraisers on 2016's Ludlow Bed Push

More than 1,600 people voted in our poll asking if bosses at Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust were right to refuse money from the Ludlow bed push because of how participants were dressed.

A massive 96 per cent of voters said no, with just four per cent agreeing with the stance taken by trust chief executive Jan Ditheridge.

Readers were also quick to leave their comments at

A reader called Contributor said: "This is just ridiculous, can Ms Ditheridge tell us if one single member of staff at Ludlow Hospital has complained?

"It's a bit of fun and the NHS is hardly well off enough to turn down money. The whole town love this, it's all done in fun and we want to support our local hospital."

EP Bowen wrote: "I am totally gobsmacked to be reading this. As a resident of Ludlow, I contributed to that fundraising that day knowing that my money was going towards our hospital!"

Shinjo added: "So a vital piece of machinery has been lost all because one PC loony felt offended. Even if she's over ruled or changes her mind its too late!. Nice work madam!!!!"

Abilohman said: "This money was raised in all good faith by people who gave up their time to follow a tradition that has been going for 20 years. With the country and the NHS in the state its in, it is ludicrous to turn this down.

"The consequences of this are further reaching than they think, people will be less likely to donate to fundraising efforts in the future, staff will feel less likely to take part. There is no pride for the trust today, they should be ashamed."

Crunchie added: "I'm sure the Air Ambulance or ANY charity would really appreciate the money raised by these lovely people, who gave up their time to do this run."

Meanwhile, on Facebook Susie Williams said: "I hope Ms Ditheridge will have the decency to match the amount they raised from her own salary and donate that to the trust instead. But I know she won't. She should resign. But I know she won't do that either. Her principles and salary mean more to her than the trust itself."

And Emma Richardson wrote: "Oh my gosh! The world's gone crazy! This political corrective rubbish has stopped a worthy charitable donation. What a bunch of numpties sitting in an office making stupid decisions instead of focusing on what really matters!"