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Health minister speaks on Ludlow bed push controversy

Health minister and MP Philip Dunne has said he will not get involved in an NHS trust's decision to refuse about £2,500 raised by men dressed as female nurses.


Hospital supporters have expressed outrage after Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust refused the money due to concerns over how fundraisers during this year's Ludlow Bed Push were dressed.

The bed push is an annual event that sees a team of men dress up in nurse-themed drag and run around the town collecting money for the League of Friends of Ludlow Hospital.

Mr Dunne has said the League of Friends has his full support, but ultimately it is up to Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust, which runs Ludlow Hospital, as to whether or not the body accepts charitable donations from any particular event.

The Ludlow MP said: "The hospital bed push has raised funds for the League of Friends of Ludlow Hospital for some twenty years.

"I support the great work the League of Friends does and will continue to do so. It is a matter for Shropshire Community NHS Trust to decide whether to take donations."