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'Screaming' dangerous driver hit policeman with Mercedes and narrowly missed pensioner in town centre drama

A dangerous Telford driver hit a policeman with his Mercedes and narrowly avoided colliding with an old man on a mobility scooter in a busy town centre as he evaded capture.


Boxing coach Gino Dhillon, aged 36, screamed from inside his car in Wellington town centre before mounting the pavement, nearly hitting pedestrians and clattering into a street sign as an officer bashed and smashed his windscreen with a baton to try to make him stop.

When officers went to arrest him at his home later on after the high street carnage, they discovered 95 cannabis plants.

Shrewsbury Crown Court heard that the drama unfolded on October 30, 2021 - a busy Saturday when there was a festival going on in Wellington town centre.

Dhillon's car was discovered parked on double yellow lines at around 2.30pm by an officer on patrol, who took out his notebook.

Holly Kilbey, prosecuting, said Dhillon approached and told the officer "You can put that away for a start," before telling him to "f*** off".

He then got into the car and tried to drive away, despite there being heavy traffic and pedestrians on the pavement.

Dhillon mounted the pavement to get past other vehicles, but got held up. The officer caught up with him and banged on his window with his baton. Dhillon was "screaming at the top of his voice" from inside the vehicle.

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