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Oswestry Pride workshop event gives Shropshire businesses a chance to be more inclusive

A business owner has stepped up to run an inclusion workshop for local businesses and community organisations as part of Oswestry’s first Pride celebrations.

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G has been running their brand design business in Oswestry since 2012

After saying they have experienced first-hand how a lack of knowledge has resulted in the exclusion of trans and nonbinary people, G Sabini-Roberts will run an LGBTIA+ inclusion workshop.

G, who is nonbinary and has been running their brand design business – Branding By G Ltd – in Oswestry since 2012, said: “I like to believe that most people want to be welcoming and inclusive.

"But if you haven’t got someone who is trans or nonbinary in your family or friendship group it can feel challenging and uncomfortable to adapt to using new language or think about how spaces can inadvertently feel threatening to someone who experiences gender differently.

"You don’t know what you don’t know but for those who would like to know more, I am delighted to be delivering this workshop for business owners, managers and community group leaders across Shropshire to help them feel more confident in their inclusion as part of Oswestry’s very first Pride.”

The 90-minute in-person session will take place at 11.30am on Friday at the Oswestry Climate Action Hub.

Tickets can be purchased at

G is also responsible for the provision of hundreds of free pronoun badges that will be being given out during Oswestry Pride events.