My actions were stupid, Telford MP Lucy Allan admits

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Telford MP Lucy Allan today spoke of her regret over actions that led to bullying allegations, admitting she had been "stupid".

But she denied serious wrongdoing – and said she had been the victim of an online hate campaign that had "verged on hysteria".

Ms Allan today spoke in detail for the first time since she became embroiled in controversies that led for calls for her to resign.

She told the Shropshire Star she wants to put the last two months behind her and carry on with her job, pledging to work with Telford & Wrekin Council to secure a prosperous future for the borough.

Tory MP Ms Allan first faced allegations she had doctored an online message to exaggerate her claims about online abuse, by adding a line about a death threat.

She was then confronted with the release of voicemails in which she is heard angrily chastising her former employee Arianne Plumbly.

Ms Allan today described the voicemails as "stupid", adding: "I think it is totally wrong to get angry with employees. It does not help anyone. Whether that is bullying I will leave for other people to decide.

"She was certainly shouted at and I regret that, I should have dealt with it at an earlier stage."

Ms Allan says she cannot believe the storm that followed claims about her 'doctored' Facebook post.


But she admits regretting getting into tit-for-tat exchanges with critics online, which she says inflamed the situation.

She said: "It was silly, not professional. Not what an MP should do. It's maybe what Lucy would do but I am an MP now and you have to rise above it.

"I think it is an interesting story about social media. People from all over the world saying 'You disgusting person, how could you have done this?'"

Ms Allan said she wanted to build a relationship with Labour-led Telford & Wrekin Council, despite criticism she has received from rival councillors.


She said: "The future for Telford can be incredible. But to do that it will involve working in collaboration with MPs and Parliament and the local council. I think I will have a job building that relationship in an effective way and I think it is important I do because I think they want the same thing I want, which is a thriving Telford."

Ms Allan has also reiterated her belief that the nature of her election victory over Labour's David Wright had created anger in the supporters of her opponents.

She said: "I understand some of the rage. I had thought it would stop because I am going to be here for five years so it has to stop to get things done, but I do not think it will."

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