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Teddy bear in stands at baseball game takes ball square in face

The cuddly toy was taking in an MLB game between Oakland and Arizona.


A teddy bear discovered the perils of being a sports fan as it took a baseball to the head in an MLB game.

The stuffed toy was among a number placed in the stands by the Oakland Athletics to fill some of the empty seats at their Oakland Coliseum stadium while fans are not allowed inside.

But during the eighth inning of their game with Arizona on Thursday night, it was positioned in exactly the wrong place as a foul ball from Diamondbacks second baseman Ketel Marte hit it square in the head.

Dallas Braden, commentating for NBC, described the moment as “unbearable”.

Meanwhile, Athletics president Dave Kaval joked that the bear would be allowed to keep the ball.

The Athletics went on to win the game 5-1.

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