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Baseball fan doesn’t flinch as 95mph ball heads straight towards her

Despite the ball travelling straight at her head, the woman in the front row did not flinch.


A baseball fan lost her beer after falling foul of a 95mph pitch, thrown directly towards her.

However, it was the unflinching reaction of a woman in the first row that caught Twitter’s attention.

On Tuesday night, the Cincinnati Reds were in Washington DC to face the Nationals. Joe Ross threw a pitch that ended up heading straight for a fan in the second row, who threw her beer on her lap — despite the fact there was a safety net in the way.

But for the woman in the first row, even though the ball was travelling straight at her head, she did not flinch.

One Twitter user said: “How did that woman not even flinch when the ball passed by her head? She’s like an elderly female version of the Terminator.”

Another added: “She didn’t flinch. How did she not flinch?”

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