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Dave Edwards: I hope Wolves can find a way to help placate fans

I feel quite fortunate that I’m in a position to see everyone’s point of view on the season ticket issue.

Gary O’Neil has done so much to unify the team and supporters

I’m a fan of Wolves and go watch them a lot with my son. I’ve also been on the playing side and I know Gary O’Neil and his players will want to go into the first game of the season with the least amount of drama as possible.

They will hope to have a good pre-season after a turbulent summer last year.

It’s really difficult as a player when the harmony isn’t there. You want to be playing for the fans and have the whole club heading in the same direction.

This season the club got back to that. Gary O’Neil has brought everyone back together again and you can see the impact that has when the whole city is moving forward.

Hopefully there will be a resolution that will make everyone happy.

Maybe it’s doubtful with the price hikes being so high, but hopefully they can find some sort of common ground and the fans can understand why the club needs to increase prices, and the club can understand what is a fair amount.