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Wolves Jeff Shi pens open letter to fans following significant season ticket rises

Wolves Jeff Shi has penned an open letter to fans following significant season ticket rises across the board.


Here's the letter in full:

When it comes to setting ticket prices, we benchmark our prices against those of the other 19 Premier League clubs, especially those with similar fanbase sizes, stadium capacities and sporting achievements.

We do listen to fan feedback, and we understand that price increases are unpopular, but our aim is to ensure our prices are neither significantly higher nor lower than our peers. Our ticketing team has thoroughly researched and compared Wolves with other clubs, and I believe our pricing reflects a fair and reasonable balance based on our current position, past growth and future aspirations.

Commercial growth is vital for our club's sustainability and competitiveness. While Premier League broadcasting revenue is indeed a major source of income, it is also easily offset by the club's wage bills. This means that our disposable income largely comes from commercial activities, including ticket sales, hospitality and sponsorship. This revenue is the key difference between us and the biggest clubs that we have to compete with in the Premier League and is an essential area for us to grow over time.

Our head coach, his team and squad have put in tremendous effort to ensure our club competes at the highest level on the pitch this season and, as we move into our seventh successive season in the Premier League, we will continue to keep progressing and supporting them as much as we can. Your support is invaluable to us, and we are committed to keep growing Wolves to make the club a strong and sustainable presence in the top tier of English football.

Yours sincerely

Jeff Shi