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Wolves boss Gary O'Neil makes VAR stance clear

Gary O'Neil has called for VAR to be abolished after Wolves' move to trigger a vote on the future use of the technology.


Premier League clubs will vote in early June over whether to scrap the technology after Wolves released a statement calling for it to be abolished.

Wolves chairman Jeff Shi has been vocal about getting rid of VAR and head coach O'Neil has now backed the move – and says major changes are needed if the technology does stay in the game.

"It's fairly well known how frustrated the club have been, and myself, with some of the decisions this season," O'Neil said.

"We had some discussions and I know Jeff is extremely disappointed with how things have gone with decisions against the club.

"Not only the decisions against us, but the way VAR doesn't really seem to have improved the consistency very much, which I'm really surprised with because when it came in I thought it would be a huge benefit to the game and the officials.

"In its current state I’d be more than happy for it to be abolished.

“The way it is now, it hasn’t helped the experience for fans. I stand at Molineux once every two weeks and the fans’ mood is very clear. There is a real negative energy towards it.

"There is still scope to improve it and it needs to be improved drastically but if we leave it as it is I would be a fan of getting rid of it.

"Maybe there’s a side to the argument where people will see us as old-fashioned and I get all of that.

"But the effect it's had on going to matches is huge. What I hear from the fans every week is they’re not enjoying it as much. The club have raised this important issue. It will either go – which is probably unlikely – or it will get a lot better.”