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Dave Edwards: Wolves battlers showed they’re up for the fight

The game against Arsenal always looked like a daunting task for Gary O’Neil and his team, especially with the injuries and attacking options at a premium.

Foot in mouth moment: Joao Gomes’s boot catches Gabriel Jesus in the defeat against Arsenal last weekend (Getty)

It was nice that Hwang Hee-Chan was back in the team, but he was only going to be able to play a small part.

I went to watch the game with my son, and I am an optimist, but even I had a feeling that it could have been a bit of a drubbing – but it definitely was not.

Wolves’ performance was excellent and that is encouraging because you do not want their season to peter out.

They were terrific, and they showed no signs of that in the way they set up. I thought the game plan was brilliant, and they frustrated Arsenal. You know they are going to have a lot of the ball, but the way they were able to stay compact and force the visitors to go out wide was excellent.