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Wolves fans calling for a freeze on ticket prices

The Wolves 1877 Trust is calling for the club to freeze season ticket and match day ticket prices for next season.


The group, set up in 2021, have taken a survey of more than 300 ‘Trust members and affiliated supporter groups’ with the ticket prices yet to be announced.

Wolves have steadily increased their prices every year in line with their Premier League competitors, with an rise of between five and 11 per cent for season ticket holders last year.

Conducted in March, 85 per cent of supporters said the club should freeze prices for next season, while 51 per cent believe tickets are currently overpriced.

The survey also revealed supporters are concerned over the state of facilities at Molineux.

Wolves 1877 Trust Chair, Daniel Warren, said: “As a Trust we listen to our members and affiliates and want to represent their views.

“After six years of price rises, I think the time has come for the club to freeze prices and there’s a clear mandate from the fan base for a price freeze.

“The club is moving to a more sustainable model in terms of development and recruitment of players and this needs to be reflected in ticket pricing.

“The club has often bench marked prices against other clubs; whilst we are not the most expensive tickets in the league, our ticket pricing currently matches our league position.”

The survey also showed that fans want Wolves to take the current economic situation into account and the cost of living crisis that is affecting Wolverhampton residents.

The Trust’s statement read: “Wolverhampton has high levels of deprivation and poverty, and wages have failed to keep up with inflation; there is concern from the Trust that local fans will be priced out.”

Wolves are yet to reveal their prices for the 2024/25 season, but they are set to be announced before the end of this season.

The statement continued: “the Trust is calling for the Fan Advisory Board, set up this season by a Premier League rule change, to be fully consulted on any proposals to change prices before they are agreed and announced.”

Trust Vice Chair Ciaran Barker added: “There’s a lot of good will around the fan base at the moment towards Gary and the Team, the club is at its best when club management, players and fans are all on the same page.

“The club needs to reward fans for their loyalty and support and a price freeze would do that, we can’t be used as a cash cow all the time.”

In an Express & Star poll last year on the price hikes for this season, most supporters were unhappy with the increases.

However, some fans argued that the price still offered good value for money to watch Premier League football and that Wolves’ prices were still below many of their league competitors.

If there is a rise again for next year, some supporters may feel aggrieved following a campaign where Wolves have been frugal to avoid breaching financial rules.