Shropshire Star

Wolves doing their bit to help wildlife thrive

Hats off to the ground staff at Compton Park who have been working with the club on a number of initiatives to improve biodiversity and encourage wildlife back to the training ground during this year.

Wolves head groundsman Wayne Lumbard

As well as keep the training pitches in as pristine a condition as possible, the grounds team headed up by Wayne Lumbard, have been working hard since the spring to improve sustainability on the rest of the land – all as part of the club’s One Pack, One Planet project.

Lumbard and the team have raised the cutting heights on various grass areas around the training pitches, as well as leaving a one-metre strip around the inside edge of the perimeter fencing as a wildlife corridor and have used dead wood to make log stacks for wildlife.

The team have also installed bird boxes and wild flowerbeds, which have all been a great success. The boxes have already attracted nesting birds, while many insects have been seen in a newly-installed bug hotel.