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Steve Bull: All the best Ruben Neves, and thanks for the Wolves memories

It is a bit of a strange one seeing Ruben Neves leave for Saudi Arabia.

Ruben Neves. Picture: Nick Potts/PA Wire.

One minute he’s saying he wants Champions League football, and the next minute he’s joining Al Hilal. It’s all a bit strange.

But, I can’t knock him for what he’s done for Wolves – he’s been absolutely brilliant for our club.

He’s probably exceeded what he expected to do at Wolves, he’s given us some goals, sublime skill, some excitement and some happiness.

He’s been an absolute revelation for our club, so wherever he goes you cannot blame him, if it’s the right move for him.

Neves is a tremendous footballer. He’s the kind of player that fans get excited when they see his name on the team-sheet and wonder what kind of exciting moment he might create – whether it’s a goal into the top corner or a brilliant free-kick.

That’s what fans want from football and Neves brought that to this club every single week – he was wonderful.