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Steve Bull: I think Wolves fans have a lot to look forward to still

Wolves are still in this relegation battle and they’ll need to fight to the very end.


Winning two games doesn’t mean you’re out of trouble. This will take all season. It will go to the wire and Wolves could be part of it.

But, I can see signs of improvement. I think everyone can, so we have to get behind the team, win, lose or draw.

People say to me ‘we’re in the wrong position and shouldn’t be down there fighting relegation’, but we’re down there for a reason and that’s because we underperformed at the start of the season.

The new manager has come in and set his stall out. He needs time to adjust and Wolves are still in a good place.

He has the squad now and the depth he needed. The bench is healthy, whereas before there was very little experience on there.

I think Wolves fans have a lot to look forward to still and they have to get behind the team every single game. If the team go 1-0 down, don’t start booing or chanting, get behind the players.

The loss to Bournemouth was frustrating for everyone, the fans and players included.

They came to do a job and shut us down. They did it well.

It was frustrating, but if I said we’d lose to Liverpool and win the next two, everyone would have taken that.

Goals are still a problem and as an old ex-footballer, I still like to see the traditional 4-4-2, which might help Matheus Cunha and the strikers.

When you play one up front they have to work their socks off and grab your opportunity when you get one, but Cunha isn’t getting many chances at the moment.

His work rate has been excellent and he needs to focus on getting in the right positions at the right times to score the goals and eventually one will come along.

Once that first goal comes, the crowd will get behind him and it will only help. I’d still stick with him.

Wolves have tough games coming up but I’m backing them to get some results. It’s a great opportunity.