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Wolves legend Steve Bull: I’m so privileged to have met the Queen – football will get to pay its respect

Alongside the rest of the country I was devastated by the news that Queen Elizabeth II has passed away,


I met the Queen in February 2000 when I picked up my MBE and it may have only been a 20-second conversation, but when you talk to somebody like that, it is an absolutely unbelievable privilege.

To have met her is something I will always remember. She has been a great servant to this country over her 70-year reign.

I’ll be honest, it was scary meeting her because you don’t know what to expect.

Steve Bull presented with his MBE

She’s not a tall woman but it’s so scary meeting her because it’s a position you’ve never been in before. I didn’t know what to do or say but you just have to be yourself.

She had someone behind her telling her who the next person is and what they’ve done, but the thing I took away was that she always took an interest in each individual.

She was a lovely lady and I am very fortunate to have met her.

She greeted me, shook my hand and asked how I was. She said ‘I hear you played football and have raised money for charity’. It was very quick, but I’m very privileged to have done that.

Steve Bull presented with his MBE

When the news came out that she was unwell we were all fearing the worst and I was like everyone else in the country who was desperate to see her come through it.

As the afternoon went on it became more serious and when we heard that she had passed, I was just hoping that she had gone peacefully. We’re all desperately sad to lose her. When football games are next played it is an opportunity for us all to pay our respects.

I think every single stadium, from Wolverhampton to every corner of the country, everyone will pay respect to a lovely lady.