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Star comment: Faction-riddled Tory party must realise they are in for the fight of their lives

Party conferences are often a melting pot of views, but they are largely managed out so that a unified front is given. That concept fell apart in Birmingham last year when Liz Truss’s leadership fell apart spectacularly under a gaze of publicity.

Rishi Sunak and the Tory party lag far behind Labour in the polls

It is in danger of happening again in Manchester.

Best then for Conservative figures with influence to keep their powder dry. They should know that tax cuts will come - after all, as Rishi Sunak has made clear, that is an instinctive policy of the Conservatives. But, just for now, it may be better to concentrate on bringing down inflation - ensuring that working families are able to afford basic groceries. It is embarrassing that taxes are higher than they have been in generations, and that cannot be tackled until inflation is down.

Many elements of the Tory Party want tax cuts as a carrot for voters ahead of the general election. The trouble is that by speaking against the Prime Minister, they simply create an impression of a divided and broken party. And that will garner no cotes at all.