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Star comment: Time to bring back licences over danger dogs

How many more tragedies will happen before proper action is taken over dangerous dogs?

Frightening footage of the Birmingham attack

After frightening footage emerged of an American 'bully XL' on the rampage in the West Midlands, Home Secretary Suella Braverman has declared: “We cannot go on like this”.

She is certainly right, and most would support her desire to ban the breed. While animal charities say that measure would be unfair on better behaved dogs, we have got to a stage where swift and decisive action is taken.

Of course banning breeds of dogs will not end the problem. There are many other breeds that are used as trophies by owners that see them as status symbols and an addition to their weaponry as they want to intimidate others. This trend is alarming, yet anyone walking through town centres in certain parts of the West Midlands will see it on a daily basis.

Dog ownership has exploded in recent years, yet the small minority who abuse their right to own a dog ruin it for those for whom having a canine companion is enriching.