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LETTER: How much further can UK politics sink?

A reader discusses politics.

Boris Johnson

I have to wonder how much further downhill politics in the UK can go. It is very difficult to believe anything at all which comes from the mouths of our so-called representatives. I cannot remember a time when politicians were held in such low regard and I must say they deserve to be.

They seem to be on a race to the bottom as far as sleaze and falsehoods are concerned. Members from all parties continually spout on about the need to be in touch with the electorate. They don’t have a clue between them how to get in touch, never mind demonstrate they are.

The only thing you can guarantee they are in cross party unison on, is point scoring and feathering their own nests. The truth of the matter is, they care not one jot about the electorate. I do, however, believe that most politicians actually do enter politics to try to improve things generally. However, they all seem to lose their sense of purpose once inside the great halls of Westminster.

It’s as though a mist comes over them and they become obliged to serve the party and not the electorate. Never was it truer to use the term, “one rule for them and one rule for us”. They pay lip service to the electorate when they ask what our concerns are, then go back to Parliament and forget all about them. It’s just a big club where they are actually all pals together because they think they have hoodwinked the public into thinking they care. Well if my conversations with friends and family etc. are anything to go by, they are fooling no-one.

The real problem is, we talk about them and get annoyed with them, but then do nothing about it. I’m not advocating an uprising, but I would love to find a way to get in front of our leaders and make them face the real feelings of the electorate.

I appreciate I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m reasonably sure that a lot people feel as I do.

Ray Edwards, Wombourne

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