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Peter Rhodes on a movie lord, an English haggis and pure gold from the BBC's vaults

If the name fits . . . . In a global competition, an English butcher has won a gold medal for his version of the haggis. The butcher is a Mr Broadribb.

Gone – and forgotten? Lord Attenborough

The centenary of the birth of Lord Richard Attenborough has passed with barely a mention, which seems strange given his enormous impact on the UK film industry. The man who gave us Gandhi and Jurassic Park deserves better. I recall interviewing him in Birmingham in 1998 when he laid the foundation stone for the Star City cinema complex. Amid the crowds, I never expected to get within a mile of the great man but Attenborough was helpful, chatty, amusing and generous with his time. A star to remember.

Thousands of schools have started the new year without any guidance from Whitehall on how to deal with that ticklish moment in Year Seven when the pupil formerly known as Justin announces she is Justine. Who in the corridors of power would rush to produce official guidelines on trans issues when anything you write will be wrong?