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Mark Andrews: Forget Cop28, this is how we should produce green energy

After a fun-packed 13 days in the desert, the Cop 28 climate conference drew to a close, with participants agreeing to call on all nations to 'transition away' from the use of fossil fuels.

Men at work on the treadmill at Stafford jail in 1883

Phew, that's a big relief. I thought this one was going to be just an empty talking shop.

* * *

But seriously, though, is that the best they could do after 13 days of gassing? Couldn't they have managed something just a bit more imaginative?

I mean it was lovely seeing all those beautiful private jets touch down in Dubai, and I'm sure the food was exquisite. But even boring old Cop 26 in bleak, frosty Glasgow came to pretty much the same conclusion.