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Mark Andrews: Cuddly alligators, stoned sheep, and the curious case of Laurence Fox

Shame on Citizens Bank Park, home of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team. Security staff turned Joie Henney away from a game because he brought his 'assistance animal' with him.

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Wally the emotional support alligator

The stadium's website states that it welcomes guide dogs and other service animals, but staff took exception to Joie's pet Wally on the grounds that he was an alligator rather than a labrador.

There aren't half some narrow-minded folk about.

Joie says 5ft Wally, who is registered by his GP as an "emotional support animal", has never bitten anyone, and loves to give hugs. Which is pretty much what every XL Bully owner says.

* * *

Wally actually does look pretty docile, and there is some rather sweet footage of young children playing with him in a swimming pool.

The trouble is, just like the best-trained XL Bully, everyone has an off-day. The one day Wally decides he doesn't want cuddles, but would rather rip someone's head off.

And it will only take one day.