Shropshire Star

Cathy Dobbs: Time to put brakes on over sex education

It seems there’s no greater treat for the mind than if you can bully and upset people, but convince yourself it’s for the greater good.


You see this with children at school, picking on a girl for what she’s wearing or a boy for being rubbish at football – the bullies convince themselves it’s to help the victim. Eventually, they will learn that dressing a certain way or scoring more goals brings approval. The children can be as horrible as they want because the bullying and nastiness are actually for the victim’s own good.

This behaviour doesn’t stop as adults – from Just Stop Oil with their disruptive protests, to gender activists bullying women who highlight concerns about sharing single-sex spaces. They can behave as badly as they want because they’ve convinced themselves that they are championing a higher cause. It lets them sleep better at night and allows them to get up the next morning to continue the bullying without any regret or remorse.

As a parent you expect primary schools to be free of any sort of extremism. So it’s incredible that the Prime Minister has said a review will take place to guard primary school children against being taught inappropriate sexual content and extreme views on gender. Rishi says that children deserve to be protected – but isn’t it sad that this was ever called into question?