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Cathy Dobbs: Harry and Meghan are king and queen at their own pity party

It’s not surprising that Harry talks about life before he met Meghan as “blissful”.

Harry and Meghan

Those snapshots of him laughing with William and Kate, and being one of the public’s favourite royals seem a long time ago.

He said that before meeting Meghan, and his awakening to racism, he was “blissfully sleepwalking through life”. It actually sounds quite nice and relaxed compared to the hell he is putting himself and his family through, now that he is ‘aware’ of racism.

What he has actually woken up to is how to play the victim. He may have more money, power and privilege than most, but Meghan has taught him how to be the star at your own pity party. Now all they need are their own coronations – both crowned as a couple of drama queens.


Talking of people that need to get a grip, and get a bit of perspective, it seems one reason that birth rates are dropping is because young people are terrified of climate change.

When did our children become so wet? Think back to what our ancestors have been through. You wouldn’t have heard a man in the pub in the Black Country during the Industrial Revolution saying “Me missus 'as gorra right cob on saying she dow want a babby as her dow want another person adding to the smoke over Dudley. I told 'er to stop being saft.”


I had that dreaded letter from my son’s school to say a pupil had been diagnosed with a possible case of scarlet fever. I can understand why parents are worried, as at the time of writing this 15 children in the UK have died from Invasive Group A Strep (iGAS) which can come after scarlet fever, strep throat or impetigo.

It seems A&E doctors are reporting being inundated with parents worried their child has Strep A. Also, 40,000 people signed a petition calling for schools to close early for Christmas.

However, it’s thought we could be in this situation because we closed schools during Covid, affecting our children’s immunity. So, protecting our children too much could be doing them more harm than good.


We should all be thankful that the woke left haven’t turned their attention to pantomimes and got them banned for transphobia. After all, one of the characters that get the biggest laughs on stage is the pantomime dame, which is always a man dressed outrageously as a very unfeminine woman.

It’s all part of the fun, and something that is an intrinsic part of our British Christmas traditions. So, I’m guessing it’s not the type of show that Harry and Meghan would take their children to.

It’s a shame as the cast would probably insert an applicable joke like “What did Meghan say when the chemist lost her photographs? Some day my prints will come.”