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Talking Telford: Bad trip on a rail replacement coach makes me sorry I ever complained about trains

Believe me, I would rather not be writing about trains in this column for the second week in a row.

Telford Central station has fallen quiet

But the Great Telford Train Trouble rumbles on, and now I’ve seen for myself the desperate scenes it’s inspired, I feel duty-bound to bring you my dispatch from the front lines.

For those still wondering what I’m talking about, a quick recap. Earlier this month a sudden landslip between Wellington and Oakengates, right next to Shropshire’s commuter railway line, meant all trains had to be abruptly cancelled one busy Friday, and they’ve stayed cancelled ever since while workers shore up the slipped land. It’s going to take a while, and the numbers involved are hard to get one’s head around - 5,000 tonnes of land fell away across a 50-metre stretch of track. My colleagues who have been shown around the site while work is going on say photos don’t do the scale of the problem justice.