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Talking Telford: What's becoming of New College and how will we remember it?

Whenever I go through Wellington these days and have a minute or two to spare (never a guarantee with my timekeeping being what it is), I try and stick my head in at the building site formerly known as New College.

The New College construction site, surrounded by fences

The sprawling, multi-level compound between King Street and New Street where thousands of people, myself included, got an education and a first real taste of adult independence as teenagers has not looked like a college for some time, but what I saw there most recently drove home just how much has changed. It’s well and truly a building site now, surrounded by high fences on all sides and populated only by contractors, machines, bricks and tarps while the foundations are hauled up into yet more accommodation.

Almost all of the buildings that made up the college have been demolished, save for the old original structure at the highest point of the campus, a former girls’ school, which will be preserved in some form.