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MP raises concerns after facing ‘child killer’ claims while out with her toddler

Stella Creasy has long campaigned for changes to abortion law.

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Stella Creasy

A Labour MP has voiced safety concerns after a man approached her in the street and called her a “child killer” over her abortion views.

Stella Creasy said the incident occurred whilst she was out with her toddler, who was left in tears after the man refused to leave them alone.

Security minister Tom Tugendhat offered to meet the Walthamstow MP to discuss her case, which was raised as the House of Commons considered Lord Walney’s report into Political Violence and Disruption.

Ms Creasy has long campaigned for changes to abortion law and has tabled an amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill, which includes a move to decriminalise abortion up to 24 weeks.

Tom Tugendhat
Tom Tugendhat offered to meet Ms Creasy (Danny Lawson/PA)

Speaking in the Commons, Ms Creasy said: “The minister was talking earlier about the difference between online and offline but for many of us there is now no distinction in the intimidation and aggression that we face.

“And if liberty means anything for elected officials, it also means being able to take time off and go to the park.

“But last week a man made my toddler cry because he would not leave us alone in the street and instead was determined to call me a ‘child killer’ in front of her because he didn’t agree with my views on abortion, a matter that I have debated with many others in my constituency, I should say he was not a constituent.

“I am not alone in being targeted on my own, as many members here have talked about.

“But the parliamentary police tell me that this behaviour is completely normal, acceptable within a democracy, that this man had a right to express his opinion, that MPs should expect to be contacted wherever they are in the street and whomever is with them, and if our families are distressed that is just unfortunate.”

Ms Creasy suggested an “urgent” Speaker’s conference is needed to “get the balance right in how we can all protect our families”.

Mr Tugendhat replied: “Can I first of all offer my deepest sympathies to (Ms Creasy) because that is completely unacceptable and I’d be very happy to take that up with her afterwards and have a specific conversation about it.”

Mr Tugendhat said he did not believe a Speaker’s conference is “necessary right now” as the Defending Democracy Taskforce has been established, which involves MPs from different parties and a representative on behalf of Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle.

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