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Ireland fully supports International Criminal Court’s Gaza probe, Martin says

An opposition party has called for Israel to be referred to the ICC.

Micheal Martin

The Irish deputy premier has said Ireland is a “consistent and strong supporter” of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in investigating the Israel-Hamas conflict.

It comes after the opposition Sinn Fein party announced its intention to bring a motion to the Dublin parliament seeking a referral of Israel to the ICC by Ireland.

Micheal Martin, who is also foreign affairs minister, said the ICC is the “cornerstone of the system of international criminal justice”.

In a statement on Sunday, he said: “Ireland is a consistent and strong supporter of the court, and of its independence and impartiality.”

Mr Martin said the ICC has jurisdiction over “the situation in Palestine” and the prosecutor opened an investigation into Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem in March 2021.

The investigation covers all crimes within the jurisdiction of the court, including war crimes and crimes against humanity, alleged to have been committed since the date of referral in 2014.

“This gives the court jurisdiction over any crimes committed within Palestine, and/or by Palestinian nationals outside it, including in Israel.

“Importantly, the current prosecutor, Karim Khan, has made absolutely clear on a number of occasions over the last month that this investigation covers the current conflict, including all events on and from October 7 this year.

“He has confirmed that there is an active investigation ongoing in relation to the situation in Palestine.”

Mr Martin added: “Ireland will continue to fully support the ICC in its vitally important work in investigating all the situations before it, whether that be in Ukraine, Darfur, Palestine, Libya, the Democratic Republic of the Congo or elsewhere.

“All victims, everywhere, are equally deserving of justice and accountability.”

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