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China poses ‘biggest challenge of our age’, Sunak warns

The Prime Minister spoke at the G7 summit about the threat from an ‘increasingly authoritarian’ China both at home and overseas.

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G7 summit

Rishi Sunak has warned that an increasingly authoritarian China poses the “biggest challenge of our age” after discussing how to tackle aggression from Beijing with western allies.

The Prime Minister said that it is the “only country with both the means and intent to reshape the world order” after meeting with leaders at the G7 summit in Hiroshima on Sunday.

He said their approach was about “de-risking” the situation rather than “decoupling” and cutting ties with China as they seek to bolster supply chains and tackle economic coercion.

“China poses the biggest challenge of our age to global security and prosperity. They are increasingly authoritarian at home and assertive abroad,” Mr Sunak said, in a speech before leaving for London.

The G7 leaders, which include US President Joe Biden, announced it would establish a new team to root out and counter Russia and China’s use of economic coercion to influence nations’ decisions.

They also discussed concerns about Chinese aggression towards Taiwan.

“There is complete resolve and unity within the G7, first of all just recognising the systemic challenge that China poses to the world order,” Mr Sunak told reporters.

“It is the only country with both the means and intent to reshape the world order.”

G7 summit
World leaders, including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, pose at the Itsukushima Shrine during the G7 Summit in Hiroshima, Japan (Stefan Rousseau/PA)

He said the leaders would work to reduce “vulnerabilities” in supply chains from China and protect their nations from “hostile investment”.

“We also had conversations about ensuring that important technology pertinent to our security does not leak to China,” he added.

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