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Stephen Bear ‘locked girlfriend out of room while sleeping with someone else’

The reality TV star is accused of secretly filming himself having sex with his now-ex, Georgia Harrison, and uploading it to his OnlyFans account.

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Stephen Bear

Reality TV star Stephen Bear locked his girlfriend out of a hotel room while he slept with someone else, a court has heard.

The 32-year-old’s now ex-partner, Georgia Harrison, has accused him of secretly filming them having sex on August 2 2020, and uploading the video to his OnlyFans account.

The 27-year-old said she met Bear in 2012 and the two went on the reality show The Challenge in 2018, where they began a relationship.

She said: “We spent 24 hours a day together for six weeks and you could say it was casual but it was pretty intense as well.”

Describing how the relationship broke down, she said: “He slept with someone else in our hotel room and locked me out of it.”

Georgia Harrison arrives at Chelmsford Crown Court
Georgia Harrison told Chelmsford Crown Court that Stephen Bear locked her out of their hotel room while he slept with someone else (Joe Giddens/PA)

Giving evidence on Wednesday at Chelmsford Crown Court, where Bear denies two counts of voyeurism and two counts of disclosing private, sexual photos and videos, Ms Harrison said he also kissed one of her friends after a clothing event she held.

She said: “I heard he kissed my friend at his house but I got over that straight away. I had a lot of love for Stephen Bear when we were filming together but he is not someone I wanted a relationship with in the real world.

“I was upset by the way he disrespected me and I had been there for him and he kissed another girl who was my friend. It was a bit embarrassing because it was my clothing launch.”

Jurors heard that, when Bear was arrested at Heathrow Airport after flying back from Dubai on January 15 2021, he claimed not to remember what his suitcase looked like, but officers said a large pink suitcase then came round the carousel with his name on it.

Reading out written statements to the court, prosecutor Jacqueline Carey KC said officers saw another suitcase bearing the name Robert Bear and asked if his brother was travelling with him but Bear said he was alone.

They were unable to find any phone in the two suitcases they searched and, in a written statement read to the court, Pc Alfred Self said: “I believe he was trying to prevent police from obtaining his mobile phone. There was a search of the second bag, no phone or electronic device was found.”

During his police interview, Bear said Ms Harrison laughed about the sex video when he showed it to her in the garden and said he “put in a good performance”.

He told officers she had shared it with her friends and told them: “I said ‘F****** hell, babe, look at that, I’ve got it on camera.’ It turned her on, she was horny, she just laughed about it, it’s funny.”

Stephen Bear
Stephen Bear is accused of secretly recording himself having sex with his ex and posting the footage online (Joe Giddens/PA)

Bear, of Bryony Close, Loughton, Essex, made repeated claims that his Instagram had been hacked but answered only “No comment” when police asked him specific questions.

Ms Harrison’s mother, Nicola, gave evidence saying her daughter was “tearful” and “crying” when she phoned her the day after being filmed, but told her not to worry as Bear had promised he would delete the video.

She told jurors: “She said he sent the video to someone in front of her and she asked him to delete it. She thought it had reached the end of it – she said ‘Don’t worry, he has deleted it.’

“She said people were contacting her and saying they had seen the video and some people contacted her from America. She said it must be online and it was not just people showing it.”

As her manager, Nicola Harrison had access to her daughter’s Instagram account and said that after a request for information her daughter posted in December 2020 she saw 20 replies, one of which sent her a screenshot of the video.

She said she then went on to Bear’s OnlyFans page, paid 15 dollars and saw the video but did not watch it, adding: “It is something I would never, ever want to see.”

The trial continues on Thursday.

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