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Most holidaymakers struggle to understand Covid rules abroad – survey

International travellers must adhere to entry requirements determined by the country they are visiting.

An airline passenger pulls a suitcase

Most UK tourists struggle to understand coronavirus restrictions overseas, a new survey suggests.

The majority find following the rules in other countries either difficult (47%) or very difficult (33%), according to the poll by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The Government and devolved administrations set out what quarantine and testing requirements people face when they return to the UK, but international travellers must also adhere to entry requirements determined by the country they are visiting.

For example, Spain requires UK tourists to provide proof of a recent negative result from a coronavirus test or proof of being fully vaccinated, but not all tests and vaccines are recognised.

Some holidaymakers have been prevented from boarding flights out of the UK because airline staff have determined that they do not meet their destination’s entry requirements.

A total of 17,720 people from the UK or overseas who were arriving in the UK were questioned for the survey.

The research indicated that most overseas residents questioned said they understood the UK’s restrictions either quite well or very well.

In June, some 26% of respondents said they followed the UK’s rules quite well, while 69% claimed to understand them very well.

The poll also suggested that 75% of returning UK residents said the wearing of face coverings on their journey made them feel safe.

Airlines continue to require passengers to wear masks on flights despite the Government dropping the legal requirement to use them in certain settings in England from July 19.

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