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Lorries block Shropshire road after satnav error

Home owners struggled to get to their properties after three lorries got stuck due to satnav errors.

The stuck lorry

Three lorry drivers were sent over a weight restricted bridge by satnavs and down a dead-end lane in Whixhall, near Wem, before getting stuck.

The drivers were forced to stay in their cabs overnight on Thursday, with a crane required to fully re-open the road, which leads onto Platt Lane bridge, yesterday. The lane, nothing more than a dirt track, which leads onto Platt Lane bridge, had recently been repaired.

Carole James who lives nearby said the lane became blocked when two trucks realised the first lorry was stranded and attempted to turn around. “It has been so difficult because they couldn’t get access the side of the lorry they required due to the blockage of the lane by the two further trucks, who decided to attempt to turn around when they realised the first driver was stuck.

“Also one vehicle was sunk on top of a water pipe, so Severn Trent needed to be on site, and it meant over eight properties have not been able to get in/out of their homes and had to abandon their cars a quarter of a mile away and walk.”

The blockages began to happen at 11.30am on Thursday, with specialist recovery vehicles from Stoke and Liverpool on site all day, and into Friday, with the final truck being removed with cranes and winches.

A host of locals out walking in the area were shocked to find the three stranded lorries down the county lane.

It is believed they were heading to an address in Darliston, near Prees, and used the wrong postcode.

Miss James said damage has certainly been caused to the lane which is looked after by residents.

She added: “Damage had been caused to the lane that they got stuck down, it is a private lane, maintained by the residents who live along it, and they had had it repaired in the summer.

“It now needs further repairs, and around four homes were blocked for six hours, and a further six are still blocked in now.”

She also added that locals were on hand to look after the stranded drivers, with bacon sandwiches and cups of tea, before they slept in their vehicles overnight.