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We could learn from Labour, says Tory MP Glyn Davies

A Conservative MP believes the party could take note of things the Labour Party are saying to try and hit common ground ahead of the Brexit negotiations.

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Glyn Davies increased his majority and retained his seat in Montgomeryshire in last week's general election.

But the party is locked in talks with Democratic Unionist Party after a disastrous election campaign, where they lost 13 seats and a majority government.

In contrast, Jeremy Corbyn led the Labour Party on a successful campaign, gaining 30 seats across the country and forcing a hung parliament.

Mr Davies admitted that the people have spoken, and that the party could learn from some of the things Mr Corbyn's party have been saying.

He said: "The people have spoken, and I have the same view now as I had after the EU referendum vote.

"They decided that and they have decided to vote again, and that means we don't have an overall majority.

"But I believe in democracy and this is how people have voted.

"I think we can work with the Labour Party, who did well in the election, and take note of some of the things they have been saying, and on matters about the EU.

"I think then we can find some common ground, as both parties are agreed in leaving the EU, and that will help put the government in a stronger position for the EU negotiations."

On Tuesday it was understood that a deal with the DUP to form a government had been largely agreed, as Prime Minister Theresa May had said "I got us into this mess I'll get us out of it."

Mr Davies had already offered his backing to Mrs May, and he believes a deal with the DUP can be reached and will be a beneficial deal.

He added: "There is a lot of uncertainty around Westminster and it has hard to organise things at the moment, but I don't see why a deal can't be reached with the DUP.

"That is is long as no pressure is put on the social policy, and we steer clear of that.

"I am hopefully a deal can be reached and the Queen's Speech can be made on time.

"There is no doubt at all this will be beneficial to Northern Ireland.

"We weren't anticipating being in this position but that is how politics is at the moment, they're surprises all over the world, but we have to cope with it."

Mr Davies backed the Prime Minister's decision to call a snap election back in April.

However he refused to say whether the decision was a mistake.

Mr Davies added: "I don't like to talk in hindsight because it is always easy and lazy to comment on something in hindsight.

"At the time I thought it was the right decision."