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Repairs to historic war memorial first built in 1920 are approved

A council has been granted permission to carry out repairs to a historic war memorial.

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Approval has been granted for the repairs to the historic memorial.

Albrighton Parish Council had asked Shropshire Council for listed building consent to complete the repairs to the village memorial – which was put up in 1920.

Planning officer Ben Williscroft has now confirmed that approval for the work has been granted.

In a report detailing the decision Mr Williscroft explained that the memorial would need to be dismantled and taken off-site for the repairs to be carried out.

He said: "The proposal seeks Listed Building Consent for restoration works to the existing war memorial structure, where some of its existing fabric is in a poor state of repair.

"This involves the dismantling of the timber cross, sculpture, copper canopy and wrought iron support to the workshop for specialist repair, fit the new steel support to the existing timber shaft, carefully conserving all the inscriptions, replace the existing concrete and stone plinth with new stone steps and matching carved plinth to the architects' original design on a new concrete base, salvaging the inscription stone for relocation, refix the repaired timber calvary and copper hood on the new plinth, point the new stone base in lime mortar, and renew all protective finishes like for like to timber and metal components."

He added that there would be minor 'like for like' repairs to the iron gate and boundary wall, as well as resetting the salvaged plaque in the wall of the planter.

Approval has been granted for the repairs to the historic memorial.

Mr Williscroft also outlines the history and importance of the memorial – and its relationship to RAF Cosford.

He said: "The existing structure was erected and dedicated by the Archdeacon of Salop in 1920 and is an elaborate style designed by John Campbell, utilising a rich variety of materials including timber (Christ and crucifix), local sandstone (plinth and inscriptions), wrought iron and copper (canopy), where the wrought iron detail has been executed in the Arts and Crafts style by sculptor William Aumonier.

"The site lies within a former local sandstone quarry, enclosed by stone wall and matching wrought iron gate and planter, so it has a designed setting away from the principal highway.

"The existing inscriptions include soldiers who died in the First World War, with additional names added from the Second World War, though no further names have been added with regards to more recent conflicts.

"The war memorial has high communal value including that of its location nearby to RAF Cosford, where such local historic links are obvious."