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Lockdown protest: Charges dismissed against Shrewsbury college rooftop pair

Criminal charges against two anti-lockdown protesters who climbed onto the roof of a Shropshire college have been dismissed by magistrates.

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Adam Wood and Charlie Parker protesting on the roof of Shrewsbury College in April

Charlie Parker, 32, from Shifnal, and Adam Woods, from Woodside, Telford appeared before Telford magistrates yesterday, charged with causing public nuisance on school premises.

But magistrates dismissed the case and ordered that proceedings be discontinued.

The pair were arrested in April after spending five hours on the roof of Shrewsbury College protesting against the Government's coronavirus restrictions.

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Mr Woods dressed up in what appeared to be a gas mask and protective suit, and they unfurled a banner bearing the words 'No more lockdown'.

Police were called to the scene to attempt to talk the protesters down.

Charlie Parker

They finally agreed to come down just before 7pm after demanding to speak to the media, and were initially arrested on suspicion of causing criminal damage.

Mr Parker, who says he is a founder of the Shropshire Corona Resilience Network, said he was campaigning to support local businesses and lift coronavirus restrictions.

He claims the demonstration was the first of its kind in Europe.

"Following our demonstration in April against the lockdown, we were cleared yesterday of causing a nuisance on school premises at Telford Magistrates Court," he said.

Charlie Parker, left, during Jacob Rees-Mogg's visit to Ironbridge

"Also known as 'The Shropshire Two', we were the first in Europe to raise the alarm on April 22 of the devastating and disproportionate measures the lockdown is having.

Mr Parker challenged Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the House of Commons, when he visited Ironbridge in July.

He said that since the protest he had received attention both nationally and internationally about his campaign to spread awareness of what he says are the health risks associated with wearing face coverings and the impact of RNA vaccines.

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