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Toby Neal: Are Brexiteers wired to fall out of favour?

Maybe it’s all just coincidence. But maybe not. Patel, Raab, Johnson, Truss, Braverman... Can you see the pattern?

Brexit allies – Suella Braverman and exiting Dominic Raab

Admittedly Suella has not departed yet, but she is surely soon-to-go Suella having unwisely sought advice from the Civil Service on a sensitive matter. What she thinks the Civil Service is for is anybody’s guess.

Anyway, these days it makes more sense for politicians of her ilk to speak to the media directly as it cuts out the bowler-hatted middle man/woman.

The question that has to be asked is what is it about Brexit-supporting politicians which causes them to come to sticky ends?

Is it nature, a twisted nerve or something like that? Or is it nurture – poor upbringing, unsuitable schooling, the legacy of some chance meeting with Nigel Farage, or the like?

It is happening so often that it would make sense to conduct a scientific investigation because if the root cause could be discerned then they could be sacked before being appointed or, even more efficient, be discouraged from entering public life in the first place.