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Llandudno goats from herd that roamed town in lockdown killed in road crash

The wild goats which achieved worldwide fame when they roamed empty streets during Covid lockdowns are now the source of a major crisis.

A herd of goats take advantage of quiet streets in Llandudno in 2020

It follows the death of four of them when hit by a car on the fast link road at Llandudno.

They had wandered two miles from their habitat on the rugged Great Orme headland and in recent weeks have ventured even further.

Local Welsh Senedd member Janet Finch-Saunders is demanding action before any more blood is spilled - human or animal.

No one will accept responsibility for the Kashmiris - council, estate company, RSPCA, Natural Resources Wales or National Trust. Mrs Finch-Saunders wants the Welsh Government to bring in a law with guidelines to protect both goats and public.

"It is extremely sad that some of our beloved goats have been killed on the roads," she said on Friday.

"I know this is a very contentious issue. However it is my duty as member for Aberconwy to ensure that constituents and visitors are safe and that the goats can live in Llandudno peacefully. I will continue to search for a solution as this is not an issue to which we can turn a blind eye."

Last year more than 150 goats were counted on the Orme.

A "feral goats management plan" was launched - with little effect.