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Renovation plans revealed for outbuilding at Eyton Hall site

A renovation is planned next to an historic Shropshire property to provide accommodation for an on-site gardener.

Plans have been revealed for renovation work at an outbuilding at Eyton Hall to house an on-site gardener. Picture: Pixabay

Plans have been submitted for the renovation of an old service courtyard in the grounds of Eyton Hall at Eyton-on-the-Weald-Moors.

A manor at Eyton has been noted since the Domesday Book (1087) and the Eyton family lived at the property until 1962.

The present house dates back to the 19th century when the home belonged to Thomas Campbell Eyton.

Mr Eyton, who was a well-known ornithologist and friends with Charles Darwin, extended the house further.

The property of Eyton Hall is Grade II listed, the service yard range is not listed but is within the property’s curtilage.

“While a house has stood on the site for many centuries, the existing building is an amalgamation of parts, with the outer appearance of an early Victorian mansion,” said the planning application’s heritage statement.