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Shrewsbury relief road campaigners to launch legal fight after joining forces with Good Law Project

Campaigners against Shrewsbury's North West Relief Road have joined forces with the Good Law Project to launch a legal challenge.


Better Shrewsbury Transport has announced the move after raising £14,000 so far through crowdfunding to take Shropshire Council to court.

The announcement comes after the authority’s northern planning committee signed off 62 planning conditions on the scheme, despite the fact that the Environment Agency has warned that the road potentially puts the drinking water borehole that supplies Shrewsbury at risk of permanent contamination during its construction and operation.

Good Law Project previously helped the Greenfields Community Group from Shrewsbury in its legal challenge to get land wrongfully sold to a housing developer back in the hands of the local community.

The high-profile legal campaign group will be working with the North West Relief Road activists via its own independent law firm, Good Law Practice.

Better Shrewsbury Transport expects to submit an application for a judicial review into the council’s decision making as soon as the formal planning decision is issued.

Mike Streetly, spokesman for Better Shrewsbury Transport, said: "We’re excited to be working with Good Law Practice on the legal challenge against the North West Relief Road. The team has a brilliant track record of using the law to make the world a better and fairer place. They are the ideal partners to help us hold Shropshire Council to account for its terrible decision making.