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Photographer captures stunning red morning sky over Shropshire in reminder 'spring isn't too far away'

A keen amateur photographer was reminded of Spring when he saw Thursday's spectacular sunrise over Shropshire.

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Picture: Peter Steggles.

Peter Steggles took pictures of the blood red skies over Rushbury just before 7.30am on the first day of the second month and was reminded that the days are getting longer now.

Peter said: "Just before 7.30am I saw the sky was colouring up, not sure if that dust from the Sahara helped.

"That clear sky and colour is a great reminder that daylight in the morning will return with a vengeance in February."

He added that it made his cold walk up the hill invigorating as he dashed to get the startling colours before they fade.

Picture: Peter Steggles.

Peter added: "It makes a cold walk up the hill to a good spot invigorating as it is a dash to get to a good spot before the colours fade

"And those colours made the cold disappear as it reaffirmed that Spring is not too far away! "

But with a thought to what February's weather might still throw at us before the warmth returns, Peter added: "But don't tell the weather I said so!"