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Temperatures in Shropshire set to go below freezing as UK braces for first snow

Temperatures in Shropshire are set to stay low in the upcoming week, as parts of the country prepare for snow and ice.

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Winter scenes in Cressage overlooking The Wrekin in Telford

Tuesday's highs of 7C (45F) may be as warm as it gets in Shropshire, as temperatures look set to linger around freezing for much of the week.

According to Met Office predictions, temperatures in Telford and north Shropshire should reach highs of around 2C (36F) and lows of -4C (25F) from Wednesday to Saturday.

Shrewsbury, south Shropshire and over towards the Welsh border are looking at similar temperatures, with highs of 3C (37F) and lows of -4C (25F).

Those hoping for a snowy start to December are likely to be disappointed, as it's currently looking to be a dry week for Shropshire.

For some of the UK however, the Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for snow and ice from 5pm on Tuesday until 11am on Wednesday for parts of northern and eastern Scotland, north-east England and Yorkshire.

A separate warning is also in place from 5pm on Wednesday until 11am on Thursday for eastern Scotland and north-east England down to North Yorkshire.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has issued a yellow cold-health alert for the health sector covering northern regions of England which runs through the whole week.