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Residents slam shipping container advert at newly approved Market Drayton traveller site

Residents are pondering why a caravan has been placed on top of a shipping container near the site of a newly approved traveller site.

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A caravan has been placed on top of a shipping container outside Market Drayton to advertise the arrival of a gypsy/traveller site

The new monument has appeared next to the busy A53 on the outskirts of Market Drayton and opposite a smart new housing development, and advertises the fact that a new "gypsy/traveller site" is "coming soon".

Work on the Montgomery Place site of more than 200 luxurious three- and four-bedroom homes being developed by Tilia Homes was not taking place on Bank Holiday Monday, and only a handful of the houses built are already occupied.

One of the occupiers, who did not wish to be named, said he is "not too bothered" about the prospect of a traveller site. "I have nothing against them."

But a short way from that site, on the already established Blandford Way development, the view of not being bothered was very much in the minority.

"I am against that site," said one householder who also did not wish to be named. "From a building perspective it can be quite difficult to get planning permission, so to see what they have done there is quite galling.

"The planning permission is only in outline but they commenced on the site last year."

He added: "I can't imagine anyone wanting to live there. I imagine it will be difficult to sell homes now too."